1. Basics

1.1.Any form of Harassment/Racism/Sexism/Toxicity is punishable

Farcana does not support any form of harassment of its players. Tournament participants harassing others based on ethnicity, culture, sex, and religion will receive punishment for their actions. We understand that things can get heated within a competitive game, but we do ask players to keep it civil and be respectful to each other.

1.2.Offensive messages, nicknames, and avatars are not welcomed

We don’t tolerate offensive nicknames, avatars, and messages regardless of where they are posted - this includes the Support section on our website, Discord chat, and any method of communication with Admins/Tournament organizers. Farcana Team reserves the right to contact players involved to have their nickname changed and will change offensive names on their own (In-game & Discord Server) if the players are uncooperative.

All cases are reviewed individually. Penalties may vary based on the severity of each offense. All circumstances will be taken into account.

1.3.No account sharing and usage of multiple accounts

Every player is limited to only one Farcana account to participate in the tournament. Registering multiple accounts or sharing one account between multiple players is not allowed. Encouraging other users to play on your account or provide in-game content in any of Discord Chats is not welcomed.

2. Ruining other players experience

It is forbidden to intentionally sabotage any matches during the tournament that includes (but not limited to):

Breaking this rule will be judged on a case-by-case basis and different punishments may be handed out in each case.

3. Cheats

3.1.Bug-Using is not allowed

Any kind of “Bug-Using” is not allowed. Players abusing unintended exploits that give an unfair advantage will be punished on a case-by-case basis depending on the intent and impact on the match and negative experience for other players. We understand that the game is currently in the early Alpha test and has multiple bugs and unintended game-breaking mechanics, based on that all the cases will be reviewed extremely carefully.

3.2.Abusing Map/Arena Bugs are not allowed

A spot on the map/Arena is considered to be a bug or an exploit if: